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Thursday, November 17, 2011

last bread & giveaway

the carrot
and raisin
loaf was

same consistency
and overall
as the fruit and
nut, but i liked
this one more
was less
goin on.

a slice
of this baby
would make
to die for
french toast.

with berries
and whipped

four pears out of five.

now for the
manna organics
is giving away
a box of 4 loaves
of love and will
ship it FEDEX to
the winner.
all you need
to do is leave
a comment
answering this

what is your favorite animal? why?

extra entries for
liking on
facebook, foodbuzz, and/or blogher.
(if you do extra entry,
just make sure your name matches up
on all sites so i can
give credit
to the correct
person and be sure
to leave a comment here, on the blog
saying what you did.)
winners will
be drawn on
tuesday, november 28th
to give everyone a equal chance.



realityphotography said...

what is your favorite animal? why?
at first i was going to answer this with an obvious answer...
anyone who knows me, knows that i love my pugs.

but, i started thinking about it.
i remembered a very important message my sister gave me.
all animals have a spirit - and through that spirit we are all connected.
a interconnected soul community. a thin thread connects us all.

i cannot answer the question.
as i become more aware - my love grows for all creatures.
each deserving a life free of intentional cruelty & inhumane treatment.

-now, please pass the almond milk & tofu! ;)

Tina said...

While I do love all animals, if I had to choose only one it would be a dog. I believe their loyalty to their master is unmatched. I love my dog Chili, he has a lot of character and is a wonderful companion pet.