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Monday, November 7, 2011

the green corn project: part two

after walking
the grounds for
twenty minutes,
i decided to check
out the vendors.

i decided to feed
my inner new yorker
with the fresh pizza
from Bola.

tomato sauce, mozzarella, and truffle oil

the godfather 
the godfather ingredient list
the magherita pizza

i loved the magherita and the 
truffle oil one.

next culinary dish was from
culinary school located in austin.

they were offering
two different types of
pesto-like base topped with sweet peppers

a pumpkin puree topped with micro greens
i adored the pumpkin one
as the flavors were
perfect companions.

24 diner were
there also, and had
the best rye bread
i've ever tasted.

the were making
pastrami, sauerkraut
and cheese sandwiches,
but since i don't eat red meat,
i kept grabbing
the rounds of bread.
dessert was extensive
to say the least.

started with this
odd combination
of spiced pumpkin cheesecake
topped with red chile mole
and a sliver of
ginger marinated pear.
barley swine's odd dessert.

i still don't know
if i like this or not.
the flavors were so
complex to the point 
they were too overwhelming.
so good.
handing out
bags of homemade
caramel popcorn.
this stuff is addictive.
they also were sampling
mini brioche buns with
apple butter and pumpkin jam.
i will be purchasing
the apple butter.

teo gelato satiated
me with their
chocolate gelato
which was so creamy and perfect,
i ate it when it was around 48 
degrees outside.
love the pink
there and they
had this really good
bean lettuce wrap
that was perfect.

whole foods made
a cranberry, goat cheese
kale salad that helped
clean your plate, i mean

well that 
concludes the two-part
green corn project
for 2011.

see you there next

1 comment:

finch said...

Great pics! The pumpkin cheesecake was from Barley Swine.