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Thursday, October 13, 2011

birthday = food day

today is my
birthday and of course,
i wanted to go
on a culinary

a new food truck
eatery opened up
and we walked down
to have some delightful

i went for the hawaiian-asian fusion,
The Big Kahuna, while my
friend went for hill country
gourmet, The Tin Box.

i order their
version of ceviche, which
contained ahi tuna, ginger, onions,
garlic, green onions, tomatoes, sesame seeds
and shoyu. it also came
with white rice and maui slaw.

it was fantastic. the rice
was sprinkled with a kelpy
seasoning, and the ceviche
tasted like seaweed salad and
ceviche fusion.

the slaw was also perfectly

my friend order the
texas yard bird and it
was extremely tasty.
shredded roasted chicken, grilled onions, cotija cheese,
spinach and zesty roasted garlic mayo on
a local bakery's bread.

the owner of the tin box,
came out and chatted with
us. he's a very cool cat
and his love of food is infectious.

seven pears out of five. (yeah, it was THAT good.)

if you guys are ever
in san marcos,
you must go!

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