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Saturday, August 20, 2011

raw times two

today was one
of those crazy
days, so i plopped
two rawrev bars
in my purse
to ward away
any afternoon

around two
pm, my stomach
was growling
so i tore
into the hazelnut&chocolate
and the cashew&agave nectar.

the hazelnuts really
stood out in the bar,
along with the
signature "green"
chocolate taste.
a fan of nutella
will enjoy this
healthier version.

as for the cashew&agave,
the smell is a little odd,
but the bar was heaven.
the natural oils from the cashews
were perfect contrast with
the sweeet tinge from the

the chocolate/hazelnut rates a two on the taste bud scale.
the cashew/agave rates a five on the taste bud scale.

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