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Monday, August 22, 2011


even though
i'm dealing with
the aftermath
of oral surgery,
that did not
stop me from grinning
like a cheshire cat
when i saw
white box
on my porch.

after dismantling
the box, i put
all the yogurts
in the fridge
so they would be
nice and cold

... a few hours later

i decided
that vanilla would
be a good starter
so i can compare and
future flavors.

i reaallly liked
the way this yogurt
tasted. other vanilla
yogurts tend to be
too saccharine, i guess
companies feel they
have to make up
for the fact that
it doesn't have fruit?

i don't know, but
the flavor was perfect.
not to vanilla but
not to tart. it was almost
as if the vanilla bean
was roasted?

 mhm, a five on the taste bud scale.

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