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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

monster sweet

dale & thomas popcorn
sent a spooktacular
treat bag filled
with an assortment of
consider my taste buds bewitched ( ;

twice as nice chocolate drizzlecorn

hall of fame kettle corn

milk chocolate popsters

parmesan & garlic cheese sticks

the drizzle corn was
my favorite. the warmth
of the chocolate counter-acted
the chilly evening.

it reminded me of poppycock,
just without the caramel.

the kettle corn was
very pleasant. the subtle sweetness
creeping up on my taste buds.

the popsters tastes
just like raisinets, but
without the gumminess.

the cheese sticks
were like airy
cheez its.

two and a half pears out of five.

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