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Monday, August 1, 2011

two moms in the raw

perched on my porch
at one this afternoon
was my awaited
box of samples from

the box contained 
four different products,
gluten-free blueberry granola,
tomato-basil sea crackers, 
almond butter cacao truffles & a
gluten-free gojiberry nut bar.

i literally dove
into the granola
because it looked so very enticing.

it was delicious.
the textures and flavors
worked together seamlessly
to create a scrumptious bar.

the granola contains an assortment of nuts&seeds
 along with organic apples and blueberries.

i helped myself to two and was full for hours; something that rarely happens.

this rates a five on the taste bud scale.
seriously, go out and buy this
right now.

keep checkin' back for the other product reviews!

1 comment:

the actor's diet said...

their bars are really filling but they are tough to chew!!!