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Monday, August 15, 2011

chili and herb de provence rubbed salmon

while shopping
at Costco the
other day, i
came across
a refrigerated
vat of wild

i peeked to
my left to make
sure it wasn't a mirage.

nope, two
other customers
were examining
the filets as well.

you would think
that in a world
wear organic is
a rising trend,
finding wild
caught fish wouldn't
be a problem.

it is.

i don't dig
anything for
that matter, so
you can imagine
my excitement
at this discovery.

i greedily
grabbed three
and sprinted off
to my cart like
a football

last night,
i made broiled
chili/herbs de provence rubbed salmon
with a huge
wok filled with
summer veggies.

the spice rub
makes me drool just
thinking about it.

it caused the fish
to form a beautiful
crisp layer that
hid soft lovely
fish beneath.
if you make this,
be sure to hit it
with some tabasco,
it makes the flavors
of the fish and spices
open up.

i will definitely
make this again...
maybe with
a fresh pico de gallo
style salsa?

1 comment:

dawn said...

these photos are wonderful!